Why did they stop filming The Waltons? (2024)

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Why did they stop filming The Waltons?

It eventually was cancelled because many of the actors had moved on to other projects and the writing wasn't quite as good. The Waltons main audience, was my Grandparents and Parents generation. My Grandparents (on my Mother's side) were born in 1903. and 1909, they were married and in their 20s in the 1930s.

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Why did The Waltons get Cancelled?

The announcement shocked fans, but the network's decision came after The Waltons had spent years on a gradual descent from the top of the TV ratings. The show had dipped from No. 2 in its second season, down to the nation's No. 42 show by its ninth.

Why did Olivia Walton leave the show?

The role of Olivia stopped having room for growth. "Eight years is a long time to be doing the same thing. If I didn't push myself to make a move to get out and try something else, I never would," she said. "All the exploration work on the character had been done.

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Why did Michael Thomas leave The Waltons?

Thomas told the Television Academy that he made the decision with "the infinite wisdom of a 26-year-old." He insisted that "there was absolutely no reason for me to leave except that I was ready to leave."

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When did they stop filming The Waltons?

The Waltons is an American historical drama television series about a family in rural Virginia during the Great Depression and World War II. It was created by Earl Hamner Jr., based on his 1961 book Spencer's Mountain and the 1963 film of the same name. The series aired from 1972 to 1981. Earl Hamner Jr.

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Was The Waltons filmed in a real house?

The Walton House - Exteriors, Outbuildings & Property

The location of the Walton's house, barn and mill was filmed on the backlot at The Burbank studios.

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Why did Grandma leave The Waltons in season 5?

She left the show November 10, 1976, owing to a massive stroke she had suffered at home, which impaired her speech and severely limited her mobility and function. She returned to the series during the final episode of the 1977–78 season, with her character depicted as also recovering from a stroke.

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How many children did Olivia and John Walton have?

John and Olivia Walton are the proud parents of three girls and five boys: John-Boy, Jason, Mary Ellen, Erin, Ben, twins Jim-Bob & Joseph, and Elizabeth; Joseph died at birth. Grandma and Grandpa Walton (Esther and Zeb) are John's parents are also an integral part of the family.

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How did The Waltons end?

The Waltons end up saving the day when they gather everyone they can find to attend the celebration. In the closing epilogue, John Boy recounts that the Baldwins' zest for life would inspire him to write another book and return to New York. The cast reunited for a total of six made-for-TV movies.

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How many babies did Olivia Walton lose?

She is the wife of John, daughter-in-law of Esther & Zebulon and the mother of John-Boy, Jason, Mary-Ellen, Ben, Erin Walton, Jim-Bob and Elizabeth. She lost a total of three babies: daughter Anne, Jim-Bob's twin brother Joseph, and an unborn baby who was posthumously named Joy.

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Who was the 2nd John-Boy?

Wightman replaced Richard Thomas in the role of John-Boy Walton in the TV series The Waltons. He played the role beginning with the show's eighth season in 1979 until the end of the series in 1981. He also appeared in the role in the TV movie A Day of Thanks on Walton's Mountain in 1982.

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How accurate was The Waltons?

Real lives

All of the Waltons were based on real people — Hamner's family, his grandfather and grandmother, his father and mother, and his brothers and sisters, of whom there were seven in the show but eight in real life.

Why did they stop filming The Waltons? (2024)
What is the mole on Richard Thomas face?

Thomas. His parents were dancers with the New York City Ballet and owned the New York School of Ballet. Thomas has a birthmark on his left cheek. He has stated that this led to his being turned down for a role in a television commercial in his youth.

How old was Grandma Walton when she died?

*Does not include Crossword-only or Cooking-only subscribers. Ellen Corby, who played the grandmother on the television series ''The Waltons,'' died on Wednesday at the Motion Picture and Television Hospital in Woodland Hills, Calif. She was 87, a hospital spokesman said.

Where is the real Waltons Mountain located?

WELCOME TO Walton's Mountain Museum. WALTON'S MOUNTAIN MUSEUM is located in the Piedmont Region foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Schuyler (Sky-ler), Virginia.

What happened to The Waltons house?

In November 1991, a fire on the Warner Bros. lot (reportedly started by a disgruntled employee) destroyed the Waltons home. The Waltons still made three more made-for-TV movies in the 1990s, celebrating Thanksgiving, Easter and the marriage of John-Boy.

Can you still visit Waltons Mountain?

Our hours are 10:00 am - 3:30 pm daily. Weekends only March April and November.

Is The Waltons set still standing?

The show aired from 1971-1981 and won an Emmy in 1974. The original house that served as the backdrop to Hamner's childhood was built in the early 20th century in the village of Schuyler in Nelson County, where it still stands today.

Who was the real John-Boy Walton?

In real life, John-Boy was indeed Hamner, creator and narrator of the show as well as author of Spencer's Mountain. Now he is gone. He was 92, a veteran of World War II, one of America's best-loved writers and, as the narrator of The Waltons, a much-loved voice.

Who does Mary Ellen Walton remarry?

Mary Ellen marries Dr. Curtis Willard and they have 1 child, John Curtis, before he is lost and presumed dead after the attack on Pearl Harbor. Eventually she remarries Arlington Westcott Jones "Jonesy" and together they have 2 children, Clay and Katie.

Did Mary Ellen Walton get divorced?

Mary Ellen finally lets go of Curt upon seeing he no longer wants to be a doctor or a husband, but keeps him as a friend who still shows affection towards their baby. She divorces him and finds a new beau, Jonesy, whom she met during the time she believed Curt had been killed and whom she had nearly married beforehand.

Did any of the Walton actors date?

Costars Allen and Thomas developed their deep romance during filming. In fact, it was likely due to their relationship that, months later, The Waltons cast Allen to play John-Boy's romantic interest in "The Love Story," an episode that aired late in the first season.

Which Walton child was adopted?

The Carousel is Cindy Walton's personal quest to find who her real parents are after she finds out that she was adopted.

Who did John Boy Walton marry?

He meets Janet Gilchrist who is an editor for Harper's magazine. The two are married on Walton's Mountain. Watch a short video on the tumultuous relationship between John-Boy and Marcia Woolery that we made. The character of John-Boy was portrayed in seasons 8, 9 and the 3rd movie special, by actor Robert Wightman.

Is Walton's Mountain Based on a true story?

The series was based upon the book "Spencer's Mountain" by Earl Hamner Jr., who also narrated each show. While the television series took place on a fictional "Walton's Mountain," in Virginia, and the book on "Spencer's Mountain" in Wyoming, both are actually based on Hamner's hometown of Schuyler, VA.

Why didn t John-Boy marry Daisy?

Daisy emerges from the house to tell John-Boy what has happened. She tells him three months before the marathon dance she had given birth. Now, Daisy has decided to remain with her mother in order to raise her daughter. She knows their marriage will not happen because she cannot stand in his way.

What happened to Ben and Cindy's baby on The Waltons?

Virginia Walton was only ever depicted on screen as a baby (in the show's final two seasons) and a toddler in the 1982 reunion special Mother's Day on Walton's Mountain. However, fans came to know that she had died at the age of 17, int he fourth TV film, A Walton Thanksgiving Reunion.

What happened to Olivia at the end of The Waltons?

After the end of the sixth season, she agreed to appear for one more season on the condition that she would not have to work the full nine months. After the seventh season she left the show. Her character's abrupt disappearance was explained by Olivia developing tuberculosis and entering a sanatorium in Arizona.

What episode does Mary Ellen find out Curt is still alive?

Episode 209 The Tempest Mary Ellen discovers that her husband is indeed alive and is living in Florida, but he is quite different from the man she remembers.

What happened to Elizabeth's legs on The Waltons?

Elizabeth breaks both legs in a fall from a log pile.

Were John and Olivia Walton a couple in real life?

The entertainment on the show always was G-rated. But behind the scenes, Ralph Waite and Michael Learned, who played John and Olivia Walton, almost became an item in real life. But they decided that if they continued with their relationship, it could reflect poorly on the show.

Why did they recast John-Boy?

With Richard Thomas exiting the show, its powers that be decided not to write the character out of the series – as often happens when an actor wants to leave. Instead, show runners decided to recast the role of John-Boy Walton and carry on as if nothing had happened.

How many Waltons are still alive?

The three most prominent living members (Jim, Rob, and Alice Walton) have consistently been in the top twenty of the Forbes 400 list since 2001, as were John ( d. 2005) and Helen (d. 2007) prior to their deaths. Christy Walton took her husband John's place in the ranking after his death.

Did Michael Learned leave The Waltons?

In 1992, years after "The Waltons" ended in 1981, President George H.W. Bush said he wanted to "make American families a lot more like the Waltons and a lot less like the Simpsons." However, despite its popularity, Learned made her exit in 1979.

Did the Baldwin sisters know the recipe was alcohol?

The sisters proclaimed the virtues of their father's “recipe,” which was a lot more alcoholic than they seemed to realize.

Are any of the original Walton family still alive?

Although three of the older family members — Grandma Walton (Ellen Corby), Grandpa Walton (Will Geer) and dad John (Ralph Waite) — have passed away in real life, the seven Walton children are alive and well, and even grandparents themselves!

Was there a real Walton family?

People have been asking for more than four decades if "the family is real" and "is there a 'real' Walton's Mountain?" The answer is yes. Though the names might be different Earl Hamner based the show on his memories of growing up in rural Virginia with his family during the depression.

Is The Mole paid actors?

I've never seen the original "The Mole" series so I cannot compare but having seen "Survivor" I wanted to give this a chance and see how it does in the reality challenge competition scene. Unfortunately, there is not much reality to the show. It is very obvious these are not actual contestants but paid actor.

Did The Mole get paid?

The Mole is not eligible to win the cash prize at the end of the season. All of the other contestants are working together to add money to the pot, which one contestant wins at the end.

Did the contestants on The Mole get paid?

With that in mind, yes, it's likely that the Mole was paid to sabotage the other players' gameplay. However, it's unknown what they — or any contestants — were paid. The only money amount we know is the money amount that the season's overall winner walked away with for correctly identifying the Mole.

How many children did Mrs Walton have?

Olivia Walton is the no-nonsense baptist mother of 7 children and the loving wife of John Walton. She grew up in Alberene, Virginia under her maiden name, Daly.

Who is the oldest Walton girl?

Mary Ellen Walton is a main character on The Waltons. She is portrayed by actress Judy Norton Taylor. She is the eldest daughter and third child of John and Olivia Walton.

Who was the youngest Walton boy?

James Robert "Jim-Bob" Walton (born June 13, 1924) is the youngest Walton boy, and the 6th child of Olivia Walton and John Walton. His twin, Joseph Walton, died at birth. James Robert is referred to as "Jim-Bob" and, although he tries to shake it off as he gets older, the nickname sticks.

Were the Baldwin sisters real?

The Baldwin sisters were loosely based on a mother-daughter duo that was well-known in Hamner's family because “they had a love of alcohol.” Hamner changed the relationship, gave them sweet personalities and made them a bit loftier and more elegant than their down-home, real-life counterparts.

Who owns Waltons Mountain?

The new owners, Carole Johnson of Ukiah, California, Ray Castro of New Jersey, and Kirstin DeMaio of Michigan, plan to open it up for tours. The Waltons Hamner House opens Friday and tickets will be available at the Walton Mountain Museum across the street.

Where were the outdoor scenes for The Waltons filmed?

The San Fernando Valley of Southern California served as the backdrop for The Waltons production, with filming taking place at the Warner Bros. Studios lot and the surrounding Hollywood Hills area. Mount Lee and the iconic Hollywood Sign sit atop this range, providing a stunning backdrop to many outdoor scenes.

Was any of The Waltons filmed in Virginia?

We filmed The Waltons in Los Angeles, and I didn't visit the Blue Ridge until after the show had ended, so during the filming I didn't understand why there was so much dialog about flowers and seasons. Once you see spring in Virginia you realize what we were going on about.

Did The Waltons have indoor plumbing?

The Walton family also had electricity and indoor plumbing, including a modern bathroom — a luxury my mother didn't have until she was much older. (Apparently the Walton house had thin walls too, judging from how easily they could all say goodnight to each other, even with their bedroom doors closed.

How did The Waltons series end?

The Waltons end up saving the day when they gather everyone they can find to attend the celebration. In the closing epilogue, John Boy recounts that the Baldwins' zest for life would inspire him to write another book and return to New York. The cast reunited for a total of six made-for-TV movies.

Why was Ralph Waite written out of The Waltons?

But CBS gave an unexpected go-ahead and renewed the show for a Season 9 run. However, there was one caveat: The producers had to tighten the budget — and they needed to appeal to a younger audience. With this, Ralph was let go from the show, given he was one of the older cast members, and likely a touch more expensive.

Are they bringing back The Waltons?

September 14, 2022 (Burbank, CA) — The CW Network announced today that the new, original made-for-television movie A WALTONS THANKSGIVING will premiere Sunday, November 20 (8:00-10:00pm ET/PT).

What was the final episode of The Waltons about?

Did the cast of The Waltons get along?

Famously, the cast members of “The Waltons” really got along with one another. And, they even became like a family to one another.

Why was John-Boy replaced?

With Richard Thomas exiting the show, its powers that be decided not to write the character out of the series – as often happens when an actor wants to leave. Instead, show runners decided to recast the role of John-Boy Walton and carry on as if nothing had happened.

What is the new Waltons show called?

John-Boy and his family prepare for John Sr.'s homecoming to spend Christmas together, but after a storm blows in, John-Boy must find his father, and the journey through it will change his l...

Do The Waltons still run Walmart?

Walmart is owned majorly by the Walton family as well as institutional shareholders. The company's origin traces back to Sam Walton, so it's not so surprising that his descendants are the major owners of Walmart. The company's board comprises independent directors, Walmart executives, and members of the Walton family.


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