Where is King's Landing filmed in Game of Thrones? (2024)

Where is King's Landing filmed in Game of Thrones?


Dubrovnik (UK: /d(j)ʊˈbrɒvnɪk/ dyuu-BROV-nik, US: /duːˈ-/ doo-, Croatian: [dǔbroːʋniːk]), historically known as Ragusa ( Italian: [raˈɡuːza]; see notes on naming), is a city in southern Dalmatia, Croatia, by the Adriatic Sea.
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was the main filming location in Croatia for King's Landing, a fictional city in Game of Thrones, the famous HBO's television series based on the series of fantasy novels “A Song of Ice and Fire”.

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Where was Winterfell filmed in Game of Thrones?

Doune Castle, Scotland

The pilot episode featuring the Stark family home of Winterfell was shot at Doune Castle in central Scotland. It's also been featured on Outlander and "Monty Python and the Holy Grail." Doune Castle is about an hour and 15 minutes from Edinburgh and 45 minutes from Glasgow.

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Where is the throne room in Game of Thrones filmed?

Diocletian's Palace in Split - Daenerys' Throne Room (also where dragons are kept!) Croatia's second-largest city, Split, plays the set of many Daenerys scenes. This historic site built in the 3rd century is where Daenerys spends time in her throne room and trains her dragons.

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What castle did they use for Kings Landing?

Fort Lovrijenac doubles as the Red Keep in King's Landing, the capital of the Seven Kingdoms. Lots of the scenes are filmed at this Fort including the tournament thrown in honour of King Joffrey's name day in season two. Visit DUBROVNIK and see some of the places where the TV SHOW was filmed.

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Where is the throne room in King's Landing?

The Great Hall, informally called the throne room, is a location within the Red Keep, previously the seat of the ruler of the Seven Kingdoms.

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Where was got Dothraki filmed?

During GOT's sixth season, Daenerys Targaryen (the Mother of Dragons) is held captive by nomadic horse tribes in the expansive Essos grasslands known as the Dothraki Sea. To film these scenes, the show's cast and crew members traveled to a Mars-like landscape in northern Spain known as Bardenas Reales Natural Park.

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Where was Casterly Rock filmed?

Casterly Rock, finally shown in the series' final seasons, was filmed at Castillo de Trujillo, a mediaeval fortress with Roman and Andalusian origins. This Game of Thrones set location is in the town of Cáceres, in Trujillo, in western Spain.

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Where is the Dragonstone Castle in real life?

This is what stands as the site for the main Dragonstone Castle. At San Juan de Gaztelugatxe, a stone staircase snakes its way to the peak of the striking islet used as the site for the main Dragonstone Castle. About 20 miles north of Bilbao, Gaztelugatxe is best visited by car in the morning or afternoon.

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Where is House Targaryen filmed?

Pentos: La Calahorra, Spain

Back to Spain for the ancestral seat of House Targaryen, for which Castillo de La Calahorra acts as the filming location. In Martin's imagined world, Pentos is a city adjacent to the seas of Westeros (the central continent and home of the Seven Kingdoms in Game of Thrones).

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Is any of Game of Thrones filmed in Split?

Game of Thrones Locations in Split

The city and locations surrounding it, have been heavily used with many leading characters visiting the numerous kingdoms they represent in their search for the Iron Throne, and as such many of the iconic Game of Thrones Scenes were filmed in Split, Croatia.

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What castle is Winterfell in real life?

Winterfell. The farmyard of Winterfell is actually Castle Ward in Northern Ireland.

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Can you visit Kings Landing in real life?

Dive into an unforgettable experience of GoT on the spot where it all took place in real life – Dubrovnik. Don't miss the chance during your stay in Dubrovnik to visit the most memorable scenes from Game of Thrones locations. Experience real King's Landing through the eyes of our expert and passionate tour guide.

Where is King's Landing filmed in Game of Thrones? (2024)
What city was the Red Keep in Game of Thrones?

If you have watched Game of Thrones, you will recognise Fort Lovrijenac as the Red Keep in the Seven Kingdoms' capital, King's Landing. Numerous scenes were shot there, including one in the first episode of season 3, when Lord Tyrion, Ser Podrick and Ser Bronn were on the walls following the battle of Blackwater.

Is there a Throne Room in Buckingham Palace?

The Throne Room at Buckingham Palace summons up the history and pageantry associated with the working Monarchy like no other space in the building.

Why did Daenerys burn King's Landing?

Essentially, the reason Daenerys burned King's Landing to the ground is that she had already lost everyone and everything dearest to her.

Do kings sit on thrones all day?

How often did kings sit on their throne? They rarely seat there. It was to seat judgement and during meetings with his high lords. Most of the time a king had work to do.

Where is Braavos in real life?

Šibenik, Croatia (Braavos)

Though the House of Black and White was created on a sound stage, much of Arya Stark's Braavos explorations were filmed in the stone-walled alleyways and plazas in the old town of Šibenik, Croatia.

Where was cersei walk of atonement filmed?

The famous staircase to the church in the old town of Dubrovnik was the location in Game of Thrones where Cersei Lannister walked the avenue of shame. The scene of Cersei walking naked down the streets while everyone yells shame starts from the Jesuit Stairs, known as the stairs of Shame.

Where is Braavos located in got?

The Free City of Braavos lies at the North Western tip of Essos, directly across the Narrow Sea from the Vale, and North East of King's Landing. Here's a map to orient Braavos to the rest of the events in Game of Thrones.

Where was the high garden filmed in GOT?

Highgarden—Castillo de Almodóvar, Andalusia, Spain

After a battle so boring that the writers decided not to play it out onscreen, Jaime Lannister takes Highgarden in a scene showcasing this stunning Spanish castle. Aside from being a famed film location, this castle is one of the most well preserved in the country.

Where is House Tyrell located?

Highgarden was the seat of House Tyrell and is the regional capital of the Reach. Located on the banks of the river Mander, Highgarden sits astride the Roseroad, a major thoroughfare linking Oldtown and King's Landing.

Where is Highgarden filmed in Game of Thrones?

Highgarden - Castillo de Almodóvar del Río, Spain

But, in reality, this Game of Thrones location is located in the town of lmodóvar del Río in Spain. The castle looks simply fictional and is also open to the public for living your own GOT moments.

Where is Winterfell Castle in real life?

The real-life Winterfell is at Castle Ward in County Down, Northern Ireland. Aside from hosting “Game of Thrones” tours, it's a beautiful National Trust property on the shores of Strangford Lough, with an 18th-century stately home and acres of landscaped gardens to explore.

What towns are in Winterfell?

External links
v • d • e North
Regional capitalWinterfell
SettlementsBarrowton · Castle Cerwyn · Deepwood Motte · Dreadfort · Flint's Finger · Greywater Watch · Hornwood · Karhold · Last Hearth · Moat Cailin · Mormont Keep · Oldcastle · Ramsgate · Torrhen's Square · White Harbor · Widow's Watch · Winter town
6 more rows

Does Winterfell exist in House of the Dragon?

Fans will likely be delighted to hear that the Starks of Winterfell are expected to appear in the Game of Thrones prequel. Cregan Stark, who's the head of the family when House of the Dragon takes place, plays an important role in the Dance of the Dragons. In the North, it's the Starks who rule over Winterfell.


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