What movies were filmed at the Jackson Hole Diner? (2023)

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What movies were filmed at the Jackson Hole Diner?

In the 1990 crime film Goodfellas, the scene at the Airline Diner where Henry Hill and Tommy DeVito steal a truck was filmed at the Jackson Hole location on Astoria Boulevard in Queens, which is a 1950s era prefabricated stainless steel diner manufactured by Mountain View Diners Company.

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What movie was shot in Jackson Hole?

Shane. Filmed in Jackson Hole, Shane features a mysterious gunslinger (Alan Ladd), who wanders into town and helps defeat a ruthless cattle baron.

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Where was the Airline Diner in the movie Goodfellas?

Idlewild became Kennedy Airport in 1963, but it's near to New York's other main airport, LaGuardia, that you'll find the 'Airline Diner', where the grown-up Hill (Ray Liotta) and pal Tommy DeVito (Joe Pesci) steal a truck. It's now part of the Jackson Hole franchise.

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What is the history of Jackson Hole Diner?

Jackson Hole Diner: A Legacy of Exceptional Burgers and Star-Studded Patrons. Jackson Hole Burgers chain were started by brothers Jimmy and Chris Meskouris at 232 East 64th Street on the Upper East Side of Manhattan in 1972.

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What actor lives in Jackson Hole Wyoming?

It's no secret that a lot of celebrities either have a home in Jackson Hole, or visit often! Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, Harrison Ford, Sandra Bullock, Brad Pitt, Pippa Middleton, Tiger Woods, Uma Thurman, Matthew McConaughey have all spent time here.

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How many movies have been filmed in Jackson Hole Wyoming?

John Wayne's first speaking part was in "The Big Trail," filmed in Jackson Hole in 1932. It also is reputed to be the first time he rode a horse! More than 15 feature films have been made on location in Jackson Hole including "Shane," "Spencer's Mountain," "Any Which Way You Can" and "Rocky IV."

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What made Jackson Hole famous?

After the creation of Yellowstone, big game hunters, and the first "dudes," including foreign royalty, visited the area. Once again Jackson's abundant wildlife and unique scenery inspired people to adventure west and this time, begin spreading the fame of beautiful Jackson Hole.

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Why is Jackson Hole famous?

Skiers and snowboarders come to Jackson Hole from all over the world to experience some of the best terrain in North America. Known for its “cowboy powder” and challenging runs, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort was recently rated the number one ski resort in North America by Forbes magazine.

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Did the last of us film in Jackson Hole Wyoming?

The series, based on the popular dystopian video game, imagines remnant versions of major cities like Boston, Kansas City, and Jackson, Wyoming. To bring the game's story to the screen, production designer John Paino utilized a whopping 180 locations, primarily in Alberta, Canada.

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Where was the pizza place in Goodfellas?

La Bella Vista Pizza Parlor

The building used for both the interior and exterior of Paulie's pizza parlor was demolished sometime around 2012. Left: Location as seen in “Goodfellas” | Right: Location in 2019.

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What beach club was Goodfellas filmed?

Coney Island Avenue in Brooklyn, Prospect Park, the city of New Rochelle, and the Catalina Beach Club at Atlantic Beach were also filmed. The completion of principal photography was announced in the 10 Aug 1989 HR.

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Is the bamboo lounge in Goodfellas real?

Scenes from New York: “How am I funny?” Movie: Goodfellas Director: Martin Scorsese Location: In real life, The Bamboo Lounge was located at the southwest corner of Avenue Y and Coney Island Ave. There's a Nissan dealership where the lounge once stood.

What movies were filmed at the Jackson Hole Diner? (2023)
What family owns Jackson Hole?

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort is co-owned by sisters Betty Kemmerer-Gray of Sun Valley, Connie Kemmerer of Jackson, Wyoming with their brother Jay Kemmerer and his wife Karen Kemmerer of New Jersey and Wyoming.

How old is the Jackson Hole diner?


Born and raised in New York City, our family-run establishments serve up some of the best burgers in the country. From our special blend of house-aged beef burgers to our mouth-watering chicken “bronco” sandwiches, you can expect only the finest ingredients.

Why is Jackson Hole now called Jackson?

Good question. “Jackson” is just one town, while “Jackson Hole” refers to the entire valley—which also includes Teton Village, Wilson, the Aspens, Moran Junction, Moose, and more. Both are named for Davey Jackson, a nineteenth-century fur trapper who was one of the first Europeans to spend a winter in the valley.

Where did the Kardashians stay in Jackson Hole?

Luckily for the gals, however, their summer trip—drama and all—was at the very least set against a stunning backdrop, in a luxurious boutique hotel known as the Caldera House.

Is Jackson Hole Wyoming the most expensive place to live?

Jackson is the second-most expensive town in the U.S. in terms of both the price of real estate and the price of homes compared to income, according to a report from mortgage and loan aggregator LendingTree. Jackson's pricey real estate was only outdone by Vineyard Haven, Massachusetts.

What famous movies have been filmed in Wyoming?

Experience these Wyoming locations for yourself by exploring area highlights, below.
  • Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Filming location: Devils Tower National Monument; Black Hills National Forest. ...
  • Shane. Filming locations: Grand Teton National Park; Jackson Hole. ...
  • Star Ship Troopers. ...
  • Django Unchained. ...
  • Flicka. ...
  • Rocky IV.
Dec 14, 2022

Why are houses so expensive in Jackson Hole Wyoming?

But there's only so much real estate to go around; the valley is surrounded by federal lands, which are protected from development. Global pressure on Jackson's housing market has sent prices skyrocketing, especially since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

Why is Jackson Hole Wyoming so expensive?

Fueling the demand and pricing of Jackson Hole real estate is the fact that less than 3% of Teton County's 100,000 acres is private. The majority of our lands are protected as national parks, national forest, national elk refuge and state parcels.

Why do billionaires live in Jackson Hole?

In some ways, wealth moving into Jackson and the Cowboy State in general is not too surprising. Wyoming has long been known for having some of the friendliest income tax and trust laws in the nation. On top of that, it offers so many places of unspoiled beauty and high-quality recreation.

Is Jackson Hole a wealthy area?

Among the top 1% in Teton County (where Jackson Hole is located), the average annual income is a jaw-dropping $22.5 million. The median household income in Teton County in 2021, meanwhile, was about $94,000, according to the US Census Bureau.

Is Jackson Hole the richest town in America?

Jackson Hole, at the southern end of Grand Teton National Park, is the nation's wealthiest area. The average per capita income in Teton County soared to $318,297 in 2021, a leap an analyst called a “truly breathtakingly mind-blowing” increase that put the community far above any other county in the United States.

What do rich people do in Jackson Hole?

In the US, one of these communities is Jackson Hole, a picturesque Wyoming valley where billionaires go to ski. Affluent families and individuals are flying into Jackson Hole on their private jets to shelter in their vacation homes, Justin Farrell reported for The New York Times.

What is the nickname for Jackson Hole?

The Hole --The infamous nickname for Jackson Hole—a stretch of land, cradled by mountains, that includes the area and towns around Jackson, Wilson, and Teton Village. "How long have you lived here in the Hole?" Moose Jam -- A traffic jam from people looking at roadside moose.

Why do people love Jackson Hole?

Nothing can surpass the beauty of Jackson Hole

The town is nestled among massive mountain ranges, including the glorious Grand Tetons. In the winter, the snow topped peaks are a photographers dream and in the summer, the banks of the rolling Snake River provide a place to sit, relax, and take in the surroundings.

What TV show is based in Wyoming?

Longmire (2012–2017)

Walt Longmire is the dedicated and unflappable sheriff of Absaroka County, Wyoming.

Which mall was in The Last of Us?

Calgary, Alberta

Currently being redeveloped and transformed into an open-air mall, Northland Village Mall's shuttered corridors made the perfect filming location for the abandoned mall in The Last of Us. 'It was completely gutted, including the store fronts, so we built everything,' says Paino.

What movie are they watching in Jackson in The Last of Us?

The film shown on movie night in the Jackson commune is the 1977 Oscar-nominated The Goodbye Girl.

What is the movie about Astoria Queens?

Astoria was the setting for the book, A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints (2006), by Dito Montiel. It was later made into a film starring Robert Downey Jr. and Shia LaBeouf, about the filmmaker's experiences growing up in the neighborhood during the 1980s. The movie was filmed at various locations around Astoria.

Why did they burn the restaurant in Goodfellas?

Henry explains how it all goes down. Basically, Paulie can do whatever he wants with the Bamboo Lounge: run up huge tabs, move merchandise through it, eat all of the maraschino cherries, the works. Then, when Sonny can't pay Paulie anymore, they burn the joint down. That's exactly what we see happen.

What city was the world's first pizzeria in?

Antica Pizzeria Port'Alba is a pizzeria in Naples, Italy, which is widely believed to be the world's first pizzeria.

Who owns the diner in Goodfellas?

The diner's co-owner Dinise Diamintis told the NY Post that they'll try to reopen the diner as soon as possible, but at the time she was also seemingly in shock as to the extent of the damage.

Where was the Sherwood diner in Goodfellas?

The Sherwood is a real diner on Rockaway Turnpike in Lawrence, where the events actually happened, but the film uses what was the Clinton Diner, which became Goodfellas Diner, 56-26 Maspeth Avenue, Maspeth in Queens.

Where was Big Lebowski beach scene filmed?

The Sheats-Goldstein House is nowhere near Malibu, but Jackie Treehorn's beach party was actually shot there, at Point Dume State Beach on Westward Beach Road, not far from Bob Dylan's long-time Los Angeles compound.

Who is the real Carbone from Goodfellas?

The real Frankie Carbone from Goodfellas, Angelo Sepe. Angelo John Sepe a.k.a. "Angie" (January 14, 1941 South Ozone Park, Queens – July 18, 1984 New Utrecht, Brooklyn) was an Italian gangster in the Lucchese crime family.

Who are the real mobsters in Goodfellas?

The names of several real-life gangsters were altered for the film: Tommy "Two Gun" DeSimone became the character Tommy DeVito; Paul Vario became Paulie Cicero, and Jimmy "The Gent" Burke was portrayed as Jimmy Conway.

What was the bar in Goodfellas?

Liotta, a New Jersey native, is best known for his role as mobster Henry Hill in “Goodfellas.” Neir's Tavern served as a backdrop for memorable scenes in the movie.

What airlines fly to Jackson Hole?

The only commercial airport within national park boundaries, Jackson Hole Airport offers direct flights from 13 major cities through Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Delta, and United Airlines.

What Idaho town could become the next Jackson Hole?

It's 'less bougie' than Jackson Hole—but the tiny town of Driggs may see a boom from the expected expansion of a local ski resort. Some are worried about what will be lost.

Why does the Fed meet in Jackson Hole?

High on its list of charms, the Jackson Lake Lodge was close to excellent fly fishing — a surefire way to appeal to the Fed chair at the time, Paul A. Volcker. He came, and between the A-list attendees and the location's natural beauty, Jackson Hole quickly became the Fed event of the year.

What movies were filmed at Jackson Hole diner?

In the 1990 crime film Goodfellas, the scene at the Airline Diner where Henry Hill and Tommy DeVito steal a truck was filmed at the Jackson Hole location on Astoria Boulevard in Queens, which is a 1950s era prefabricated stainless steel diner manufactured by Mountain View Diners Company.

What movie is Jackson Hole diner?

Movie “Goodfellas” filmed in 1990 at Jackson Hole Airline Diner in Astoria.

What is the oldest diner in the United States?

The White Horse Tavern is the “oldest operating restaurant in the U.S.” and is acknowledged as the 10tholdest in the world. The White Horse Tavern is a National Historic Landmark being America's oldest restaurant, having served guests since 1673.

What's the difference between Jackson Hole and Jackson Wyoming?

JACKSON OR JACKSON HOLE? A: Both. Jackson Hole is a valley about 80 miles long and 15 miles wide; Jackson is the major town within the valley. The hole begins six miles south of Yellowstone Park and tapers down to the width of the Snake River at Munger Mountain, south of Jackson.

What are some fun facts about Jackson Hole?

Jackson Hole was originally named after Davey Jackson, a mountain man who trapped in the area during the late 1800s. "Hole" was a term used in that day to describe a high mountain valley. The world's longest-running shootout, which began in 1955, is held six nights a week from May-September on the Jackson town square.

Do locals call it Jackson or Jackson Hole?

Jackson is the principal town of the Jackson, WY-ID Micropolitan Statistical Area, which includes Teton County in Wyoming and Teton County in Idaho. The town, often familiarly or mistakenly called Jackson Hole, derives its name from the valley in which it is located.

What diner was Twilight filmed in?

Either way, some of the most earnest on-screen Forks moments happen in a cozy little diner called the Carver Cafe. Lucky for hungry Twihards in desperate need of a bite (sorry), this is a real cafe located in a small Oregon town called Damascus, cute as a button and surrounded by towering evergreens.

What diner was the movie diner filmed in?

BALTIMORE (AP) -- The Hollywood Diner has been a Baltimore landmark ever since Baltimore-native and movie director Barry Levinson filmed parts of his breakout film "Diner" in it in 1982.

What diner was in the movie The Judge?

While Downey and Duvall provide the star power, no doubt local movie-goers will notice that the Salmon Falls Gallery in Shelburne Falls serves as the exterior of the Flying Deer Diner, where Downey reconnects with a high school love, played by Vera Farmiga.

What movies are the Peppermill diner in?

You may have spotted the iconic venue in such films as "Casino" and "Showgirls" and seen on the venue on TV in "CSI Las Vegas" and "The Holly Madison Show." It's the inside of a genie's bottle. No, it's what the cover of Duran Duran's Rio would look like serving punchbowl-sized drinks.

Where was hocus pocus filmed?

Principal photography began on October 12, 1992. The film is set in Salem, Massachusetts, but most of it was shot on sound stages in Burbank, California. However, its daytime scenes were filmed in Salem and Marblehead, Massachusetts, during two weeks of filming with principal cast.

Where was Harry Potter filmed?

In fact, when Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 was released, it broke the record for highest-grossing opening day for a film in history. The eight beloved movies were shot both at Warner Bros's studios and on location all over the U.K. in England, Scotland, and Wales.

Where did Bella and Charlie eat in the diner?

We ate at Carver Cafe which is also the title it holds in the movie, being the local spot in Forks to eat. Described in the film as a regular, Charlie ate here almost every night as to not have to do dishes and cook. Bella and Charlie are seen here multiple times in the film in the front corner of the restaurant.

What diner was in the movie smile?

Where was Smile Filmed? Smile was filmed in Arlington Diner, Hoboken, Jersey City and North Arlington.

Where was the movie The diner filmed?

The film marked the motion picture debut of actors Timothy Daly, Ellen Barkin, and Paul Reiser. Less than four months after M-G-M committed to the project, Diner began principal photography 2 Mar 1981 in Baltimore, MD, as confirmed by the 13 Mar 1981 HR production chart.

What diner was in Tick Tick Boom?

The Moondance Diner was a diner in the SoHo neighborhood of Manhattan, New York City, located at 88 Sixth Avenue, between Grand Street and Canal Street.

What restaurant is Mr and Mrs Smith filmed at?

It's Cicada, Oviatt Building, 617 South Olive Street, once again downtown LA. A cheeky cutaway shot outside Cicada, as John Smith narrowly avoids getting blown up, seems to place the restaurant in New York's Times Square.

Where is Judge Ross filmed at?

Nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award in 2012 for Outstanding Legal/Courtroom Program, the series currently films in Culver City, California.

Where was The Judge with Robert Downey Jr filmed?

and the Filming of “The Judge” It was a fun filled two days following in the footsteps of Robert Downey, Jr. and the all-star cast of “The Judge.” First stop – the historic village of Shelburne Falls located along the scenic Mohawk Trail in Massachusetts.

What diner was in The Big Lebowski?

When Walter and the Dude debate whether or not the infamous toe indeed belongs to Bunny, they do so over coffee at Johnies Coffee Shop and Restaurant, located at 610 Wilshire Boulevard in midtown.

What is Peppermill famous for?

The Peppermill Restaurant and Fireside Lounge is known for award-winning food and over-the-top drinks, but also as the backdrop of several films and TV shows including Casino, The Cotton Club, and CSI: Vegas.

In what Casino was the movie Casino filmed?

Filming took place at night in the Riviera casino in Las Vegas, with the nearby defunct Landmark Hotel as the entrance, to replicate the fictional Tangiers. According to Barbara De Fina, the film's producer, there was no reason to construct a set if they could simply film around an actual casino.


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