What famous movies have been filmed in Wyoming? (2023)

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What famous movies have been filmed in Wyoming?

Experience these Wyoming locations for yourself by exploring area highlights, below.
  • Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Filming location: Devils Tower National Monument; Black Hills National Forest. ...
  • Shane. Filming locations: Grand Teton National Park; Jackson Hole. ...
  • Star Ship Troopers. ...
  • Django Unchained. ...
  • Flicka. ...
  • Rocky IV.
Dec 14, 2022

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How many movies have been filmed in Jackson Hole Wyoming?

John Wayne's first speaking part was in "The Big Trail," filmed in Jackson Hole in 1932. It also is reputed to be the first time he rode a horse! More than 15 feature films have been made on location in Jackson Hole including "Shane," "Spencer's Mountain," "Any Which Way You Can" and "Rocky IV."

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Did the last of us film in Wyoming?

There Joel is finally reunited with his brother Tommy.

Filming took place in Canmore, Alberta, although in reality, the real American town it doubles as for the show is in Cheyenne, Wyoming – almost 1,500 miles away! Another of the most important scenes is the moment when Joel and Ellie cross the grim “River of Death”.

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What TV show is set in Wyoming?

Walt Longmire is the dedicated and unflappable sheriff of Absaroka County, Wyoming.

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Was the English filmed in Wyoming?

Although the series is set in 1890 Kansas and Wyoming as Lady Cornelia Locke (Emily Blunt) and Eli Whipp (Chaske Spencer) journey north to Nebraska, the six episodes were actually shot in Spain.

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Was the movie Wind River filmed in Wyoming?

The 2017 crime drama Wind River was filmed in the majestic western landscape of Wyoming and Utah. With its beautiful backdrop, the movie captures the essence of the American West. Most scenes were shot in Summit County, Utah, where much of the mountainous terrain is seen onscreen.

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What celebrity lives in Jackson Hole Wyoming?

This ranching community maintains its cowboy roots, but has a glamorous edge that attracts visitors and second home-owners like Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, Harrison Ford, Sandra Bullock, Brad Pitt, Pippa Middleton, Tiger Woods, Uma Thurman, Matthew McConaughey, and more.

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What movie was shot in Jackson Hole?

Shane. Filmed in Jackson Hole, Shane features a mysterious gunslinger (Alan Ladd), who wanders into town and helps defeat a ruthless cattle baron.

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Where is the Mandalorian filmed?

The series is filmed at Manhattan Beach Studios in California. Filoni directed the series' first episode, making his live-action directorial debut, with Rick Famuyiwa, Deborah Chow, Bryce Dallas Howard, and Taika Waititi also directing for the first season.

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Did they film Last of Us in Jackson Hole?

Since the real-life Jackson Hole, Wyo., “has become a tourist town,” the Jackson in the series was constructed in Canmore, a small town in Alberta, Canada.

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Did Last of Us film in Jackson Hole Wyoming?

The series, based on the popular dystopian video game, imagines remnant versions of major cities like Boston, Kansas City, and Jackson, Wyoming. To bring the game's story to the screen, production designer John Paino utilized a whopping 180 locations, primarily in Alberta, Canada.

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Why did they not film Longmire in Wyoming?

Numerous productions set in Wyoming — movies and shows such as “The Revenant,” “Brokeback Mountain,” “Longmire” and “Wind River” — were filmed in locations like Alberta, Utah and New Mexico largely due to the structure of the film production incentives available in those regions, Parker said.

What famous movies have been filmed in Wyoming? (2023)
What was filmed in Buffalo Wyoming?

Filming Location Matching "Buffalo, Wyoming, USA" (Sorted by Popularity Ascending)
  • Catch the Bullet (2021) R | 88 min | Western. ...
  • Endangered Species (1982) ...
  • The Outlaws Is Coming (1964) ...
  • Into the Homeland (1987 TV Movie) ...
  • America (1972–1973) ...
  • Small Creek (2020– ) ...
  • The Middle of Somewhere (2018) ...
  • Breaking Weather (2021– )

Where in Wyoming was Shane filmed?

The physical setting is the high plains near Jackson, Wyoming, and many shots feature the Grand Teton massif looming in the near distance. The fictional town and Starrett homestead were constructed for the film near Kelly, in the Jackson Hole valley, and demolished after filming was completed.

Where is Mountain Men filmed in Wyoming?

The film was shot in Wyoming at Bridger-Teton National Forest, Grand Teton National Park, Shoshone National Forest and Yellowstone National Park.

Where in Wyoming was land filmed?

DIDSBURY - The town of Didsbury was once again the site of a major Hollywood movie production as it stood in for Quincy, Wyo. for a movie called Land. Director and lead actress Robin Wright films a scene during the movie shoot in Didsbury last week.

Do they film Yellowstone in Wyoming?

The famous Yellowstone Dutton Ranch is in Darby. This may surprise you, but most of seasons one through three were filmed in Utah, with the exception of the Dutton ranch, the train station, some scenic shots and a few city scenes. However, starting with season four the primary filming location became Montana.

Where was Django filmed Wyoming?

The scenes were shot in Grand Teton National Park, around Antelope Flats and the Kelly area, including Kelly Warm Springs, in which Django dreams of his wife Broomhilda (Kerry Washington) as he bathes. The elk herds were filmed at their northern feeding grounds next to the National Elk Refuge.

What is the true story behind the movie Wind River?

Natalie's story – and countless others like hers – was the inspiration for Wind River, which tells the story of a young woman's rape and murder on the Wind River Indian Reservation, as well as the heartache and difficulties endured in bringing her perpetrators to justice.

Where is Virgin River filmed?

Most of the filming for the show took place in Vancouver and other parts of British Columbia. Per Vancouver's tourism website, many scenes were filmed in Snug Cove in Bowen Island, which “anchors the show as the fictional town of Virgin River.” Ahead, see more filming locations from Virgin River.

What celebrities have a house in Wyoming?

It's no secret that a lot of celebrities either have a home in Jackson Hole, or visit often! Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, Harrison Ford, Sandra Bullock, Brad Pitt, Pippa Middleton, Tiger Woods, Uma Thurman, Matthew McConaughey have all spent time here.

What famous people own property in Wyoming?

Rugged meets refined at this Jackson Hole getaway fit for both entertaining and retreating. A lot of famous people seek to escape the glare of the spotlight and take off for Jackson Hole, Wyoming—Kim Kardashian, Tiger Woods, Harrison Ford, and Sandra Bullock to name but a few.

Did Harrison Ford live in Wyoming?

Ford and Flockhart live on an 800-acre (320-hectare; 3.2-square-kilometre) ranch in Jackson, Wyoming, on which he has lived since the 1980s and approximately half of which he has donated as a nature reserve.

What billionaire lives in Wyoming?

According to Visual Capitalist.com, John Mars is the richest person living in Wyoming, with a net worth of $33.4 billion. Celebrity Networth gives him a higher net worth of $42 billion.

Who is the most famous person in Wyoming?

Jackson Pollock

Famous painter and pioneer of the abstract expressionist movement, born in Cody, Wyoming.

Why do billionaires live in Jackson Hole?

In some ways, wealth moving into Jackson and the Cowboy State in general is not too surprising. Wyoming has long been known for having some of the friendliest income tax and trust laws in the nation. On top of that, it offers so many places of unspoiled beauty and high-quality recreation.

What movies were filmed in the Jackson Hole Diner?

In the 1990 crime film Goodfellas, the scene at the Airline Diner where Henry Hill and Tommy DeVito steal a truck was filmed at the Jackson Hole location on Astoria Boulevard in Queens, which is a 1950s era prefabricated stainless steel diner manufactured by Mountain View Diners Company.

Why is Jackson Hole so famous?


In 1939, Snow King Resort, on the mountain above the town of Jackson, was the first ski facility in the state of Wyoming. Today three major ski areas have made Jackson Hole world famous for excellent skiing and winter sports.

What movie was filmed at Jackson Hole Diner?

Movie “Goodfellas” filmed in 1990 at Jackson Hole Airline Diner in Astoria.

Where was Mamma Mia filmed?

Most of the outdoor scenes were filmed on location at the small Greek island of Skopelos, in Thessaly (between August 29 and September 2007), and the seaside hamlet of Damouchari in the Pelion area of Greece. On Skopelos, Kastani beach on the southwest coast was the film's main location site.

Is Grogu related to Yoda?

Is Grogu Yoda? According to the events of "The Mandalorian" so far, Grogu and Yoda are not the same character. They are simply from the same species. The name of this species has never been revealed since "Star Wars" creator George Lucas wanted to give Yoda a sense of mystery.

How old was Yoda when he died?

Yoda then peacefully dies at the age of 900, his body disappearing as he becomes "one with the Force". He leaves Luke with the knowledge that "there is another Skywalker." Moments later, Obi-Wan's spirit helps Luke come to the realization that the "other" of whom Yoda spoke is his twin sister, Princess Leia.

Where in Wyoming is The Last of Us?

Jackson (also referred to as Jackson City) is a town located in Jackson County, Wyoming, and one of the many locations that Joel and Ellie reach during their journey across the United States in The Last of Us and where they reside during The Last of Us Part II.

Where was the Little Mermaid filmed?

Summary. The live-action adaptation of The Little Mermaid utilized CGI and special effects to create the underwater world and was filmed in Sardinia, Italy, to give it a Caribbean feel. The villages of Santa Teresa di Gallura and Castelsardo in Sardinia were used to film various scenes.

What part of Wyoming was The Last of Us filmed?

One of the most rural areas the film crew had to create was the utopian town of Jackson, Wyoming. This location was actually shot in Canmore, which is also in the Alberta province.

Was any of The Last of Us filmed in Montana?

Where was The Last of Us Filmed? The majority of the production was filmed in Alberta, Canada. Alberta is the fourth largest province in Canada by area, and borders British Columbia to the west, Saskatchewan to the east, the Northwest Territories to the north, and the US state of Montana to the south.

Is Tommy in Wyoming last of us?

Eventually, Tommy becomes disillusioned with the Fireflies, too. He ends up staying in a settlement outside FEDRA's control in Jackson, Wyoming — as he does in HBO's adaptation — and marries Maria, one of the safe haven's founders.

Where was the mall in last of us filmed?

Calgary, Alberta

Currently being redeveloped and transformed into an open-air mall, Northland Village Mall's shuttered corridors made the perfect filming location for the abandoned mall in The Last of Us. 'It was completely gutted, including the store fronts, so we built everything,' says Paino.

Is The Red Pony a real bar?

The Red Pony itself was played by the Mine Shaft Tavern. If there was an Emmy for offbeat ambiance and local color, it could go to the Mine Shaft. If you're not yet in the know, the Mine Shaft is one of the main attractions — as well as the continual soiree — for the funky hamlet of Madrid.

Is Longmire actually filmed in Wyoming?

The series is an adaptation of the Longmire mystery novels written by best-selling author Craig Johnson. The story is set in northern Wyoming, but the series was filmed in several locations in New Mexico, including Santa Fe, Eagle Nest, Espanola, Red River, Las Vegas, New Mexico, and Pecos, New Mexico.

Is there a real Absaroka County in Wyoming?

Speaking of Walt's world, the novels and television series are set in the fictional Absaroka County #24 (Wyoming only has 23 counties), which is portrayed in the TV series by the town of Buffalo in Johnson County, Wyoming.

What movie was filmed at Hell's Half Acre in Wyoming?

Encompassing 320 acres (1.3 km2), this geologic oddity is composed of deep ravines, caves, rock formations and hard-packed eroded earth. Hell's Half Acre was used as the location for the fictional planet of Klendathu in the movie Starship Troopers.

Was Rocky filmed in Wyoming?

Filming commenced in 1984 with such scenic locales as Philadelphia, Wyoming, and Vancouver providing backdrops for the movie. Rocky IV has become synonymous with its inspirational soundtrack and references to the Cold War. Rocky was released in Los Angeles in November 1985 to mixed reviews.

Is there a real Durant Wyoming?

The A&E and Netflix original program Longmire takes place in the fictional town of Durant, Wyoming.

Where are all the cowboy movies filmed?

In fact, if you've ever seen a western, chances are a portion of the movie was filmed in the Eastern Sierra and the Alabama Hills. Located off Highway 395 in the shadows of Mount Whitney -- the tallest mountain in the contiguous US -- is Inyo County. This is where a majority of Hollywood films are shot.

Is Shane the movie based on a true story?

The simple story, but with complex storytelling, was inspired by the infamous Johnson County War in 1892, when rich ranchers tried to run off homesteaders with the help of guns for hire. Adapted from Jack Schaefer's popular novel, Shane is a gunfighter trying to escape his past.

Have any movies been filmed at Yellowstone?

As a matter of fact, to date, 162 films have been shot in Yellowstone ranging from Ken Burn's documentary, America's Best Idea: The National Parks and Kevin Costner's Yellowstone, which is a four-part series exploring the history and preservation of the park set to air on Fox Nation to the hit sci-fi movie Star Trek: ...

Was the movie Shane filmed in Wyoming?

The filming locations in Shane largely occur in one area: Jackson, Teton County, Wyoming. Though filming mostly took place within one locale, there are many diverse settings that provide the breathtaking scenery for this incredible film.

Did they film Longmire in Wyoming?

The series is an adaptation of the Longmire mystery novels written by best-selling author Craig Johnson. The story is set in northern Wyoming, but the series was filmed in several locations in New Mexico, including Santa Fe, Eagle Nest, Espanola, Red River, Las Vegas, New Mexico, and Pecos, New Mexico.

What is the Netflix movie Wyoming?

Wind River takes the genre up in the cold, snowy tundra of the Wind River Indian Reservation in Wyoming. Gritty, brutal, and well-timed action, Wind River builds a simply structured crime film into an important conversation about missing persons with a great storyteller and one great cast.

What movie stars live in Jackson Hole Wyoming?

It's no secret that a lot of celebrities either have a home in Jackson Hole, or visit often! Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, Harrison Ford, Sandra Bullock, Brad Pitt, Pippa Middleton, Tiger Woods, Uma Thurman, Matthew McConaughey have all spent time here.

Is the movie Yellowstone filmed in Wyoming?

Yellowstone is filmed in three primary locations: Utah, Texas, and Montana. The Yellowstone Dutton Ranch is filmed on location at the Chief Joseph Ranch in Montana.

Was any of Yellowstone filmed in Wyoming?

Yellowstone was filmed in Montana, Utah, and Texas - you'll find the season 5 filming locations updates below in the report. Also, following this link you'll find our new report with all the locations where the 1923 series was filmed, the sequel to 1883. What is this?

Why is Longmire filmed in New Mexico instead of Wyoming?

Longmire Locations

It may be set in Wyoming, but Longmire was in fact largely filmed in New Mexico. Known for its rugged beauty and unspoiled terrain, New Mexico was an easy choice to allow the producers to capture a real “wild west” feel throughout the show.


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