Was WandaVision filmed in NJ? (2023)

Was WandaVision filmed in NJ?

The show was filmed in Atlanta and Los Angeles, not New Jersey. So maybe the setting of “WandaVision” isn't real or geographically accurate.

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Does Westview NJ exist?

West View is an unincorporated community located within Ridgefield Park in Bergen County, New Jersey, United States. It was a stop on the West Shore Railroad.

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Where was WandaVision filmed New Jersey?

To create the world of Westview, New Jersey, the WandaVision production team did most of their shooting in the studio. Specifically, the Warner Bros Ranch in Burbank, California, features heavily throughout WandaVision.

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Did they film WandaVision at Universal Studios?

WandaVision was shot at Pinewood Atlanta Studios, Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

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Was WandaVision filmed on the Universal backlot?

Interior scenes, shot in the style of classic TV sitcoms, were shot on sound stages. Exterior scenes were shot on two different backlots, one with a rich history in Hollywood, and another that is not nearly as well known. Let's take a little tour through the (mostly) black and white world of WandaVision.

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What was WandaVision filmed on?

WandaVision was shot on the ARRI ALEXA LF in 4K. To capture the look of the various decades, the production relied on both new cine lenses and plenty of vintage glass. In an interview with Film School Rejects, cinematographer Jess Hall talked about the massive undertaking of shooting a show like WandaVision.

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Is Westview an illusion?

As WandaVision unfolds, we discover that the picture-perfect town of Westview, New Jersey, with its gorgeous homes and cheerful neighbors, is actually an illusion created by Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen) to deal with the grief of losing her husband, and informed by her memories of watching American TV shows as a ...

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Where is Westview in WandaVision located?

WandaVision is primarily set in a town called Westview, New Jersey. As the show reveals more and more, Westview becomes the setting of some major mystery within the show.

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Is Westview fake in WandaVision?

Yes. But everything that happened in Westview under Wanda's control was not just a figment of her imagination. Everyone else in the town that confronted her she controlled were real.

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Where in New Jersey is MS Marvel?

Most of the parts of Ms. Marvel that were actually shot in Jersey City are in the end credits or a few transitional aerial shots. And for those who have lived in Jersey City, it's not hard to tell.

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Where was Sokovia Marvel filming locations?

Some more locations in the UK include the Royal Holloway College in Surrey, the tunnels of the Dover Castle in Kent (Hydra Fortress), and the Hendon Police College in London (that was also used for scenes of the city of Sokovia, including a set of a ruined church).

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What street did Wanda live on?

On Earth-199999, Wanda and Vision's home's address is 2800 Sherwood Drive, Westview, New Jersey, 08801. The name of their street, "Sherwood Drive", is likely a reference to Sherwood Schwartz an American television producer best known for creating TV series like Gilligan's Island and The Brady Bunch.

Was WandaVision filmed in NJ? (2023)
What town is Westview based on?

Shakman answered, "I think it's in commuting distance to New York, which is what a lot of those sitcom towns were. Livanos offered her own thoughts, linking the fictional Westview to the real Westfield: "I think Kevin Feige is from Westfield, New Jersey, so let's say close to there."

What movie is being filmed at Westview Cemetery Atlanta?

Ozark (2017–2022)


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